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How does it work?


1. Grow

From backyards to balconies, The Great Local Lunch uses a unique "crowd-farming" model to connect with urban growers who register to contribute their summer harvest to a 4-course February feast. Whether it's a bounty of berries or a few bunches of basil, the Great Local Lunch chefs welcome contributions of any sort and size!

2. Glean

Lacking that green thumb? You don't have to be a gardener to contribute fresh and local produce. The Great Local Lunch is at the forefront of the fight against food waste, and gleaned contributions are also encouraged in the form of safely recovered food that would otherwise go to landfill; products grown or made with a creative use of food waste; and foraged weeds, native plants, and herbs.

3. Win

The Great Local Lunch is a free event, but tickets are limited. When you register your grown or gleaned harvest, you are entering to get your seat at the table with fellow forward-thinking foodies. Chosen contributors will be notified at the beginning of February. We will also be running a number of ticket giveaways in the lead up to the event, so follow @slfestivalaus on Instagram to get the details.

4. Gather

In the days before the event, invited growers and gleaners will gather at produce drop-off points around Melbourne to deliver the fruits of their labour. Multiple drop-off sessions will be on offer to ensure everyone has time to bring in their harvest.

5. Transform

The Great Local Lunch team then transports all the contributions to the incredibly talented event chefs who won't know the type or quantity of produce until the day it arrives. Once they do, they jump straight into designing a completely original 4-course menu that they'll cook up for this “crowd-farmed” feast.

6. Indulge

On Sunday 10 February, over 200 growers, gleaners, and local food lovers, will come together along the banks of the Yarra River, at the National Sustainable Living Festival's Big Weekend, to celebrate how their efforts are reducing the impact of food systems on the environment and enjoy a delicious, 4-course lunch pulled straight from their gardens and windowsills.

7. Inspire

Discover the initiatives and innovations driving Melbourne's sustainable food movement and share ideas across the table with other disruptive diners. Hosted by, Costa Georgiadis, the Lunch will include a curated series of short talks that will unearth gardening, cooking, waste reduction and sustainability tips, and introduce the movers and shakers of our city's urban agriculture scene.

8. Disrupt

With new-found knowledge and a hunger for sustainable food solutions, our Great Local Lunch attendees are primed to return to their communities, share their knowledge, and explore innovative ways to increase food security, reduce waste, and support local producers to help accelerate the necessary transition to "below zero emissions."